AOM 2017, Well-Being

Symposium: Job Design Characteristics and Well-Being

Scheduled on August 8, 2017 from 1:15PM to 2:45PM at Hilton Atlanta in the Room 224

Discussant: Jeffrey R. Edwards, U. of North Carolina
Participant: Jared Shaw Allen, U. of Central Florida
Participant: Reka Anna Lassu, U. of Central Florida

The purpose of this symposium is to present five studies offering insight into the link between various job design concepts and dimensions of employee well-being.

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Mapping New Frontiers in Work Design – The Hybrid Work Characteristics
Presenter: Jia Lin Xie, U. of Toronto
Presenter: Jing Hu, U. of Toronto
Presenter: A R Elangovan, U. of Victoria
Presenter: Coreen Hrabluik, Deloitte Consulting

Job Challenge, Performance, and Wellbeing: A Resource Gain – Resource Depletion Perspective
Presenter: Irene E. De Pater, National U. of Singapore
Presenter: Yukun Liu, National U. of Singapore
Presenter: Anna Van Vianen, U. of Amsterdam
Presenter: Doris Fay, U. of Potsdam

Perception is Reality: Exploring the Role of Challenge and Hindrance Appraisals
Presenter: Amy Bartels, Arizona State U.
Presenter: Suzanne J. Peterson, Arizona State U.
Presenter: Marcie LePine, Arizona State U.

Job Context and Wellbeing: The Mediating Role of Perseverative Cognitions
Presenter: Guillaume Soenen, EMLYON Business School

Job Design and Leadership Support for Social Well-Being
Presenter: Reka Anna Lassu, U. of Central Florida
Presenter: Jared Shaw Allen, U. of Central Florida
Presenter: Ronald F. Piccolo, U. of Central Florida

About the Author

Ronald F. Piccolo is the Galloway Professor of Management at the University of Central Florida.